This blog was created as a tie in to my graphic novel(la) series Threshold, an ongoing project first initiated in the final year of my BFA. This series, and contextual material surrounding it, is currently forming the bulk of my MA practice. Central to the series is the city of Threshold: a topographically unstable and ever-shifting morass of in-between and tranistory spaces that silts into existence at narrative peripheries.

The intent is to create a space where the city of Threshold, and the conceptual basis behind it, can be fleshed out in greater detail than is possible in the graphic novel format, and to tie in some of the other projects involving the city that are only alluded to elsewhere.

All completed installments of the series can be viewed on this blog, while printed copies are available at or through APE Games at

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Threshold 3 Update

In the 18 or so months since I first announced that I was working on Threshold no. 3, a lot has been happening. I have had several exhibitions, juggled working nearly full time with being a full time student, left my job, moved continents, and started postgraduate study. Throughout most of this period, Threshold was something that I was picking away at when nothing else pressing was on the agenda.

Since October, however, I've finally been getting serious about finishing it off, and I'm happy to say that I've come a long way. My initial outline for the script ended up expanding substantially, as these things tend to do, until what I was looking at was the template for a graphic novel that would span close to two hundred pages. I decided to break this up into four smaller, more manageable sections, and it is the first of these that has been the primary focus of my attention. This book, which will be the third installment in the Threshold series, will span approximately 40ish pages, over half of which have been drawn to date.

It is currently my plan to release the book in a oversized, hand bound edition of no more than ten copies, each of which will incorporate original intaglio and silkscreen prints. The proof copy is slated to be completed by mid-May, with the rest of the edition following within the next few weeks. The mass-publication version is still ambiguous at this point, as I am incorporating a lot of material into the handmade version that would require considerable reformatting for a full print run. I will endeavor to get it completed as soon after as is possible, but would not be confident setting a date at this point. Material from the publication version will also trickle onto the blog after the book has been completed.

After that point, the question remaining is of how to proceed--do I carry on and do the remaining three parts of the narrative I have already developed, or do I intersperse them with other stories, featuring other voices and perspectives? At this point I am uncertain, and so I will leave you with a preview from the book I am certain about. Here is page 17:

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