This blog was created as a tie in to my graphic novel(la) series Threshold, an ongoing project first initiated in the final year of my BFA. This series, and contextual material surrounding it, is currently forming the bulk of my MA practice. Central to the series is the city of Threshold: a topographically unstable and ever-shifting morass of in-between and tranistory spaces that silts into existence at narrative peripheries.

The intent is to create a space where the city of Threshold, and the conceptual basis behind it, can be fleshed out in greater detail than is possible in the graphic novel format, and to tie in some of the other projects involving the city that are only alluded to elsewhere.

All completed installments of the series can be viewed on this blog, while printed copies are available at or through APE Games at

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Invisible Cities at the Art Gallery of St Albert

I will be exhibiting a body of printmaking, drawing, and sculpture titled Invisible Cities at the Art Gallery of St Albert from November 7th to 30th. The works explore the imaginative potential of urban spaces, and address three core themes:

The fantastic cities found in myth, fiction, and folklore

The mythology that accumulates around our own cities in their passage through history and narrative

The subjective experience of urban space.

Each of the works also represents a different location, event, or other aspect of the City of Threshold. Visitors will also be able to follow the journeys of three characters through these spaces by scanning a series of QR codes accompanying each work. Each QR code presents a fragment of narrative from one of the three characters; each piece is accompanied by three codes--one for each character. For those without access to a smartphone, I will be posting these narrative fragments, along with images of the works they accompany, at this blog over the course of the month.

The opening reception for the exhibition is November 8th, from 7-9pm. For more information, check out the gallery website.

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