This blog was created as a tie in to my graphic novel(la) series Threshold, an ongoing project first initiated in the final year of my BFA. This series, and contextual material surrounding it, is currently forming the bulk of my MA practice. Central to the series is the city of Threshold: a topographically unstable and ever-shifting morass of in-between and tranistory spaces that silts into existence at narrative peripheries.

The intent is to create a space where the city of Threshold, and the conceptual basis behind it, can be fleshed out in greater detail than is possible in the graphic novel format, and to tie in some of the other projects involving the city that are only alluded to elsewhere.

All completed installments of the series can be viewed on this blog, while printed copies are available at or through APE Games at

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Invisible Cities p.3

This is the third in a series of blog posts connected to the exhibition Invisible Cities at the Art Gallery of St Albert. Each work in the exhibition is accompanied by 3 QR codes that reveal fragments of the stories of three characters exploring the spaces or situations pictured. Each of these fragments, along with the associated image, is posted below.

In the Belly of the Whale
The Huntress
The station had been tipped on its end, ticket boxes and tracks and barriers jutting ladder-rung fashion from floors playing at being walls. She stood at the bottom, washed in the rippling notes of a harp guitar that trickled down from somewhere above.
The Thaumaturge
The entrance to the Mortuary yawned open before him, maw-like and terrifying: a damp womb full of whispers and death. It reminded him of home.
The Comica
Three of the dead lay in stately fashion on chill stone slabs. An elaborate funeral mask adorned the face of the centre-most, with half-masks gracing its fellows. She removed them delicately and brought them together, smiling as they slid into place.

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